“Tree leaves cooked and pressed, compositions of ray eggs, recomposed horsetails… Anne-France Abillon’s seductive attempts to capture and reveal nature’s speech. Capture of the plant or organic component, which is meticulously harvested as a prelude to the plastic work. Revelation of an alchemical transformation that fixes the raw and the cooked, divides and reunites, before finally revealing the essence of a nature that escapes us. Anne-France Abillon’s compositions return us to an essential geography of life, which is also an ecology of the spirit: an expression of the soul.” Philippe CLOITRE
Time and the numerous transformations that it brings are continuously present in my research. My fascination with the plant world makes me perceive the singular internal structure of the plant component and restore it through an alchemical process of revelation and collages. During the transformational process there is a movement from the concrete (leaves, stems) to the abstract of the structure and writing.